Fall Below

by stoic.

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On this recording, stoic. is:

Kevin Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Jacob Watson - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Pettyjohn - Bass/Vocals
Cole Janzen - Drums/Vocals

Recorded in December of 2015 and mixed by Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound Studios, Denver, CO.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Cover art by Zach Bath.


released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


stoic. Laramie, Wyoming

Wyoming Hardcore

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Track Name: Lowly
Praise the god you’ve cleverly hid
The spear in your side has been rid
You know it so well, you’ve built this yourself
Your only threat is gone
Hang by my neck through victory song

I watched as you gnawed at the hand from which you’ve fed
I’ll sacrifice an arm to tie this rope around your neck

But if you only knew
The moments I’ve wished to grasp your throat
If you only knew
Times I’ve dreamt of breaking your bones
You could never know
The amount of your relief I own
You will never know
The depth of shit you would have dug on your own

Praise, praise, your all seeing eye
Adversary hanged, swayed from the sky
Now your troubles are washed as white
Take this victory with you in stride

Find a new subject for you to condemn
Punish their help, on your own wings you’ll win
Cut their wrists so their hands are dripping red
May you never be damned, for you are free from sin

You are the holy
You are the brave
I am the lowly
I beg to be saved

You are the holy
You are the brave
I am the lowly
I beg to be saved

You are the holy
You are the brave
I am the lowly
In your ruin I’ll lay
Track Name: Null Existence

Grasp for air
Gasp for meaning

We are nothing
I am lower

Keep pushing your boulder
Keep ripping your stomach
Keep clinging to your faith
As your bones grow older

We will always break
We will always bleed
We will always feel
Deaths longing ache

Days. Nights. Passage of time.
Fall. Rise. Stare through the sky.
Solace in a null existence.
Track Name: The Blade Always Dulls
Shaking bodies draining blood
See the loss, kill, rest, numb

A flaw in my design
Mental gap
Says you’re no different
Sees my bones snap

The blade always dulls the second time around
Killed the alert, never mind the wounds
This is just me, and me knowing you
Watch me rip at my scars

Fingernails digging deeper to cut out anything you touched
Taking knife to bones, scraping off the built up rust
Getting farther from myself with each vein I tear
Leave me an empty shell, so no trace of you is there

You’ve laid claim to everything
Let me down, left me out

Hollowed out
Begging for any feeling
Fell below
No longer human being
Track Name: You Plague Me
Tongue sharpened through your jagged teeth
Spitting your blood on anybody you see
Praying and hoping to win their pity
Then slither behind and sink your venom deeply

Leech hooked to skin, parasite of human life

Finding open wounds to slither through my veins

Dragging down all life, lowest form of being

A virus, a sickness, an infection all at once


Worm feeding off the host
Pestilence spread around
Your own worthless existence
Taste your own disease
Track Name: Hollow Stone
Scare the blood from your veins

Tear the hair from your head
Lay and accept your fate
For nothing awaits your grave

An empty wake for a shallow soul
A faint memory forever uncared for
Your wasted life carries no tragedy
You’ve left no mark, you’ll disappear eternally

No mourners

No living soul surrounds
Your ash will not cover the ground
Track Name: Oppressor
Age old oppression
New age aggression

Claiming their progress
Prey clenched in their jaws

Pale white knuckles of men
On the back of their scalps

Grasp opposition
Drown the resistors out

Cyclical hatred pandered to simple sons
Rich and religious, never pay for their sins
Still taking control of her body
Still killing him for his skin

No room for the ignorant and dangerous
Not a world for them to fucking belong
Every race, every sex an equal life form
Archaic men can’t hold the power anymore

Of tyrants
Of ignorance

Track Name: Apparition
Apparition take hold
Tear the skin from my skull
Split down to my spine
Gnaw the vertebrae

I’m nothing more
Pathetic vessel
Fucking rotting bones
In blood and filth
Slip, tear

End me
These thoughts they swarm me
Built my own pedestal
Lie in wait to crumble

Wreck the body who stands before you
Valueless measures of breath
Lungs of no meaning
Heart not worth beating
I am revulsion
I am loathing
Track Name: Swollen Throats
You’re backwards logic is ruining the earth
Killing and raping, claiming it’s yours
It’s not your property
Not born for your disposal

The animals you’re eating
Living, feeling, breathing
Not yours to break and train
Suffer a fate of even strength

Refusing to see the world around
Living, feeling, breathing

Hook your body, hang from the ceiling
Slit your swollen throat
A bolt against your own skin

Send the metal through your skull
Steal your offspring
And send them to grinding blades

Grinding blades

Force metal through your mouth
Let the blood muffle your groans

Living, feeling, breathing

Fuck your tradition
Fuck your addiction
Fuck your supremacy
Fuck your dependency

Living, feeling, breathing
Track Name: Bone and Spine
Inevitable fate no more than a natural cycle
No life with a meaning, only fights for survival

Bound to

Death looms

Dust among stars
Dead from the start
Track Name: Swallow Your Faith
Fatal optimism
Clasps your pulsing veins
Bury your head held high
Lay still in your grave

Content or deprecating, our bones will rot the same
Forever covered by soil, unaffected by these worthless days
We are alone in this, there’s no point to feign a hope
Numb the body, kill the senses, no choice but to cope

Nothing is waiting
Nothing is here
Swallow your faith
Swallow your fear

Stay down
Stay hurt
Stay out
Stay broken